Saturday, July 5, 2014

Web Soil Survey Report for Your Land

NRCS/USDA Web Soil Survey is a very useful soil data available online. Before starting any farm operation or other use of the land, it is important to know the type of soil present in different portions of your land. Knowing the soil type helps farmers and land managers select suitable agricultural or non-agricultural use of the land resources.

Step by step procedure of obtaining the web soil survey report is available at this link: Obtaining the Web Soil Survey Report


Tuskgee University Master Goat Producer's Certification Training Program

The 7th Annual Tuskegee University Master Goat Producer's Certification Training Program is scheduled to be held at the Tuskegee University Caprine Research and Education Unit on August 4-6, 2014 with a “Grants for Producers” pre-program workshop event sponsored by Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) on Sunday, August 3 at 6PM.
For more information and registering for the program, please visit this link: