Thursday, May 6, 2010

Newborn goat kid - care and management

Care and Management of Newborn Kids

High survival and performance of newborn kids significantly increase the success of goat industry. The objective of good care and management of newborn kids is to minimize their death and enhance performance. In most situations, does take care of their newborn kids and minimum attention may be required from owners. Does with good mothering ability, ability to raise kids with no or minimum problem, and experience clean their kids by licking immediately after kids are born. Moreover, does nourish their kids by producing and letting kids suckle colostrum and milk. Additionally, does keep their kids nearby and protect them from other aggressive animals in the herd. Does bleat from time to time to communicate and get kids’ attention. Similarly, kids in good health condition stand up, seek for teats, and suckle in about half an hour or so after they are born. All these actions of does and kids play a very important role to develop maternal bond - attachment between does and their newborn kids. Early development of maternal bond is crucial for the survival and growth of newborn kids....
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