Thursday, January 24, 2013

Goat and Sheep Markets in Alabama

Clay County Goat and Poutry Acution

748 County Road 91
Goodwater, AL
(256) 839-6824 
1st Sat. Horse sale 5:00 pm
2nd & amp;4th sat. goats sheep, pigs & amp; cows @12:00 noon
3rd Sat. @12:00 noon misc. whatever they bring.
Small animal & amp; chicken sale every Friday @7:00 Pm. 

Escambia County Coop., Brewton

325 Ag Science Dr
Brewton, AL 36426
(251) 867-5111 
Animal  sale: Goat and sheep
Sale day: Saturdays

Southern Star Stockyard, Elgin

(256) 247-5189
Animal sale: Goat and sheep
Sale day: Second Friday night

Central Alabama Goat and Poultry Auction

1403 Kincheon Rd,
Clanton, AL 35045
(205) 280-4628
Animal sale: Sheep, goat, and poultry
Sale day: Thursday morning

Cullman Stockyard

75 County Road 1339
Cullman, AL 35058
(256) 734-4531
Animal sale: Goat, sheep, cattle
Sale day: Thursdays

East Alabama Goat and Poultry Auction

1006 County Road 474
Woodland, Alabama 36280
(256) 419-8527
Animal sale: Goats, swine, sheep, cattle
Sale day: First and third Saturdays
Sale time: Sale starts at noon
Note: Make sure to call the Auction or Stockyard you are interested in and find necessary information to satisfy yourself before hauling your animals. 

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