Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Silvopasture Field Day @ Plantersville

Silvopasture for Multiple Incomes
May 19, 2018
472 Pecan Road, Plantersville, AL

Silvopasture is a sustainable agroforestry system that involves an intentional integration and management of trees, forages, and livestock in a single management unit. This system offers more economical, environmental, and social benefits compared to the sole operation of its components. Well-managed silvopasture systems provide economic viability through regular, short-term incomes from forages and livestock components, and long-term incomes from trees. Livestock farmers can get more forages/grazing if a silvopasture system is practiced and grazing animals may have a more comfortable environment while in the silvopasture compared to where there are no trees.

The objective of this event is to educate forest landowners, farmers, and agricultural professionals, and eventually make them able to implement sustainable silvopasture practices to efficiently utilize their resources in order to benefit current as well as future generations. Experts from Tuskegee University and Alabama Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) will be speaking at the event. Moreover, the host farmers will be sharing his experience on silvopasture-goat management system. Funding support for this event is provided by USDA/NIFA. More information about the event is presented in the Event Flyer  and Agenda.

Participation to this event is free; however, preregistration is required for management purpose by May 4, 2018. Please reserve your place by May 4 registering online. If you have any questions or concerns, email the event contact person at -  Working lunch will be provided to the first 30 pre-registrants.

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